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7 Common Pharmacist Resume Pitfalls - RxElite Resumes

7 Common Pharmacist Resume Pitfalls

Is your job search dragging on for too long? Not getting enough pharmacist job interview requests? Were you recently overlooked for a position you were qualified for? These are tell-tale signs that your pharmacist resume is holding you back. Here’s a list of the 7 most common pharmacist resume mistakes that I see everyday:shutterstock_122961331

  1. Formatting-Too many pharmacists are opening with a generic objective statement rather than a powerful professional summary.
  2. Length-I see new graduates with 7-page resumes, and I see experienced pharmacy directors with 1-page resumes. The former is overselling themselves, and the latter is underselling themselves.The sweet spot is 2-3 pages in length. If it goes beyond 3 pages you haven’t streamlined it enough.
  3. Including personal information-you shouldn’t be disclosing your nationality, marital status, age,  or hobbies on a professional resume.
  4. Underselling yourself-There are many highly qualified pharmacists whose resume criminally undersells their value, and, in turn, halts their career trajectory.
  5. Not emphasizing the results of your work- The vast majority of pharmacists talk about their day-to-day tasks rather than focus on the impact they’ve made and the results they’ve seen through performing their duties. Results. Results. Results.
  6. Lacking focus-There is no one-size-fits-all resume. If you’re sending the same resume to both clinical and retail positions, the chances are high that you aren’t marketing yourself effectively to either. Take the extra time to streamline your resume’s focus to the position you are applying for. If you are seeking a clinical position, then you need to focus everything about your resume towards that objective.
  7. Lacking a powerful introduction-The first half page is your resume’s prime real estate. It’s your beach front property. You MUST  catch the reader’s attention within roughly 8 seconds to get noticed. That first half-page should contain your career’s most impressive accomplishments. Here is what a powerful introduction looks like.
The pharmacist job market isn’t at easy as it used to be. It’Interview (google free)s becoming very important for pharmacists to learn how to effectively market themselves as they seek to differentiate themselves from other candidates. Your resume is the first impression you make on a potential employer, and, therefore, the first opportunity for differentiation. Avoid the pitfalls above to create a powerful pharmacist resume.
***Garrett Brown is a clinical pharmacist, professional resume writer, and Founder at RXelite Resumes. Do you need an interview-landing pharmacist resume that gets you noticed? Who better to trust your pharmacist resume writing needs to than a fellow pharmacist? Contact RXelite Resumes today and gain a valuable advantage in today’s difficult pharmacist job market.***