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8 body language pitfalls that are sinking your pharmacist job interview - RxElite Resumes

8 body language pitfalls that are sinking your pharmacist job interview

In many ways, the interview stage of a pharmacist job search is like the last mile of marathon. You’ve read my previoiStock_000056486582_Largeus articles, and have therefore written an accomplishment-focused pharmacist resume that not only gets you past those pesky electronic filters, but catches the eye of the pharmacy director. Go ahead and take a bow. Curtsy. Because you’ve accomplished what 95% of candidates fail to do: land the interview. In a survey published by careerbuilder.com, roughly 50% of hiring personnel know within 5 minutes of a job interview if the candidate will be a good fit. Really….5 minutes? Yes, really, and here’s the reason: body language.

According to the survey by careerbuilder.com, more than 2500 human resource managers were asked what body language mistakes are most likely to cost you the job. Here are the results:

  1. Failing to make eye contact: 67 percent
  2. Failing to smile: 39 percent
  3. Playing with something on the table: 33 percent
  4. Having bad posture: 30 percent
  5. Fidgeting too much in their seats: 30 percent
  6. Crossing their arms over their chests: 29 percent
  7. Playing with their hair or touching their faces: 27 percent
  8. Having a weak handshake: 21 percent

As you can see, lack of eye-contact is the by far the number one body language pitfall during a job interview. This is for many reasons. Eye contact shows strength, confidence, and is proven to hold the attention of the listener more. Just don’t overdo it, and stare so long that the interviewer thinkInterview (google free)s you either want to ask him/her out on a date or make a suit out of their skin. A good rule of thumb to follow is maintaining 5-7 seconds of eye contact, and then briefly look away. You should maintain eye contact longer when you are listening than when you are speaking. As you can see, your wandering hands are often the culprit of a failed interview. I recommend keeping your hands clasped together and in your lap, while releasing occasionally to make hand gestures when speaking. This will prevent you from fidgeting, touching your hair, or touching any objects too much. Sit up straight. Remember to smile. Doesn’t mean you have to wear a cheesy grin the entire time, but be sure that you are putting off a pleasant and friendly vibe.

Pharmacists, it takes a lot of work-and sometimes good fortune-to land the job interview. In order to slam dunk your job interview, don’t focus so much on what you’re saying that you neglect to give heed to your non-verbal communication. Master the list above to ensure your body language is working for you, and not against you.

***Garrett Brown is a clinical pharmacist and Founder of RXelite Resumes. Is your pharmacist job search dragging on? Are you looking to transition from retail to clinical or another area? Not happy with your current pharmacist position? Contact RXelite Resumes now, and obtain an interview-landing and industry-leading pharmacist resume to empower your job search.***