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5 Ways To Streamline Your Pharmacist Resume - RxElite Resumes

5 Ways To Streamline Your Pharmacist Resume

Not getting a call-back on your resume, but have tons of great experience? It could be that you are listing too much information on your CV. Put yourself in the Hiring Manager’s shoes: time is precious and resumes are plentiful. Making your resume contain only the things he/she needs to know, here are a few tips to streamline your pharmacist resume (so someone will actually read it!):

1. Keep it Short and Concise: Contrary to popular belief, your resume should not include ALL of your experience. This is a marketing document not an auto-biography. Would you sit through a commercial that was 20 minutes long? Neither does a reader want to read a 7-page resume. A quality Pharmacist resume should be 2 – 3 pages long (maximum), and include only your most impressive information. If you have been in the workforce for a long time, for example, it isn’t necessary (or recommended) to list every single position you’ve held throughout your career. In fact, doing so may subject you to age discrimination.

2. Keep it Current: Review your resume carefully to ensure all of the content is recent and up-to-date. For example, we often see resumes listing professional affiliations that are outdated or inactive. Having a past membership to an organization that was permitted to lapse can raise more questions from a Hiring Manager than if this wasn’t included at all. If you weren’t recently involved with that organization, you can most likely leave it off your list. Further, if you have work experience that is over 15 years old, you should consider whether it is worth giving it prime real estate on your resume, or if a simple listing of the position would be sufficient.

3. Keep it Relevant: Your resume should be targeted towards the Pharmacist position you are interested in. If you are applying to a Clinical Pharmacist position, try to include as much clinical pharmacy experience as possible, and tailor back on anything else. By keeping the content relevant to the job, you are highlighting only the experience that will impress the Hiring Manager, and none of the information that might distract them from what makes you shine.

4. Prioritize: Not all experience is created equal. The most relevant/recent information ( as identified in point #3) should take up more space and be placed more prominently on your resume. Items that still need to be listed, but aren’t as crucial at first glance (such as your affiliations or publications) can appear later on.

5. Use Subheadings & Groupings: You’d be surprised how much information you can fit if you group your point-form qualifications under sub-headings. Typically, you can create groupings of your education, certifications, and affiliations.

By effectively using the above tips, you can make your Pharmacist resume much easier to read, and improve your chances of an interview. If you aren’t sure if something is relevant, here’s a tip: it probably isn’t. Cutting content can be difficult, but the result will be a beautifully streamlined resume that speaks to the needs of the Hiring Manager.

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