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Pharmacist Resume Trends for 2017 - RxElite Resumes

Pharmacist Resume Trends for 2017


A key to your professional success is ensuring that your resume remains current and in the format hiring managers understand. Employers receive 100’s of resumes for every position they post, so it pays to ‘wow’ them with your knowledge of current trends. Here are just some of the resume trends you will see for pharmacists in 2017. How does your resume stack up?:

  1. Mobile Phone Compatibility: What does your resume look like if it’s opened from a cell? Like everyonerxeliteresumes Logo RR, employers are busy. If they see something they like in your cover letter and want to see more, they’re inevitably going to click on your resume from wherever they are, including their cell. Ensure that your resume will be visually appealing anyway they try to view it. The best way to accomplish this is to keep the design simple but appealing and always send the resume in .pdf format
  2. Maximize Space: Contrary to what you will hear about resumes for other fields, a Pharmacist’s resume will often be up to 3 pages. Still, given all the information that can be included on your resume, it’s important to include clear, concise and brief sentences that highlight your experience. Nobody has time to read your resume line-by-line, so the content need to jump out at the reader, using the space available as efficiently as possible, with as few words as possible.
  3. Key Accomplishments: In 2017, you’ll see more Pharmacist resumes with sections such as ‘key accomplishments’ as opposed to simply listing day-to-day responsibilities. This is what recruiters are looking for: how you contributed to your workplace, what initiatives you spearheaded. No matter whether you are in retail, in a hospital, or long term care, etc, the employer will know what your essential general duties will be. They want to know what makes you different, and this is also part of maximizing the space you have.
  4. Clickable Content: 2017 will see, more than ever, an increase in the amount of content that you can view online. Did you present at a conference and the paper is online? Add a link. Have you taken continuing education classes? A link to the course outline would be helpful. Include as much extra material as you can, because if the employer is really interested in you, they will want to see the details that can’t be crammed into your 3-page resume.
  5. LinkedIn is King: Speaking of clickable content, make sure your LinkedIn profile is current and complete. TiStock_000016026901_Largehis will be a must in 2017. LinkedIn has become the social network to give your career legitimacy. Ensure that it is complete, includes all your relevant experience and information, and, most importantly, ask your colleagues to recommend you. The power of the LinkedIn recommendation will be the key to setting you apart from the other candidates, now that every pharmacist has a LinkedIn and is participating online.
  6. Specialization: Do you have or want a specialization in your field? This is the time to highlight it in your resume. Employers see 100’s of resumes that are generically drafted towards any job possible. If you’ve specialized in oncology, MTM, geriatrics, whatever it may be, this has to be the paramount focus of your resume. Your resume must be tailored and focused on your primary objective to maximize impact.

With technology advancing so rapidly, it is important for a professional Pharmacist to stay current and competitive. A further trend that we are seeing in the industry is more people hiring professional resume writers. This isn’t a shameless plug, but a fact. It is difficult to follow all of the trends and reflect your experience concisely without professional help. Your resume can make or break your career, so ensure that you stay focused on the upcoming trends in Pharmacist resumes for 2017.

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