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Resume Tips To Transition From Retail To Clinical - RxElite Resumes

Resume Tips To Transition From Retail To Clinical

Here are few points to follow when making that important shift into clinical pharmacy:

1. You ARE a Clinical Pharmacist
At the top of your resume, you should include the title ‘Clinical Pharmacist’. This may sound counter-intuitive, however this is an important point for how your experience appears to hiring managers. By seeing ‘Clinical Pharmacist’ at the top of your page, it places you in the job you want, and not so much the job you have. Help the hiring manager see you in the job you are applying for. In this way, you are using your resume to build and shape your professional brand.

2. You HAVE Clinical Experience
All retail work has clinical aspects to it, such as Medication Therapy Management (MTM) consultations, communicating with physicians and patients, optimizing and modifying medication regimens with respect to dosing and therapeutic indication, or even point-of-care clinical services like glucose, cholesterol, and hypertension testing. Your resume should focus on these skills rather than more retail-experiences such as insurance billing and prior authorizations. You need to emphasize and showcase the clinical aspects of your work.

3. Make Your Clinical Rotations Work for You
Remember those extensive clinical rotations you completed? This is the time to pull these out and emphasize them on your Pharmacist resume. Maybe you don’t have any professional experience as a Clinical Pharmacist per-se, but you have a great understanding of the role and have acted the part in clinical rotations. Showcase your student hospital experience and all the knowledge you garnered. You have a varied background that can be leveraged into a well-rounded Clinical Pharmacist position!

Have you been keeping up to date with clinical guidelines, had clinically-relevant certifications, or participated in continuing education that have helped you remain clinically-relevant? All of this can be very worthwhile to list on your resume in order to show your clinical interests and your ability to remain clinically-relevant despite working in the retail realm. Don’t have any recent clinical certifications or education? It’s not too late to register for some and list these as ‘in progress’ or ‘pending’.
If you are looking to leverage your retail skills into a clinical pharmacist position, don’t despair. There are a number of strategic ways to show how your varied experience makes you an ideal candidate for the job.

Garrett Brown is a practicing pharmacist and President of RXelite Resumes. RXelite Resumes specializes in writing resumes for pharmacists. Looking to transition from retail to clinical? Need a revamped resume? Encountering a tough job market? Contact us now!