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3 Tips For Pharmacists Transitioning From Retail To Clinical

Many pharmacists interested in making the leap from retail to clinical are finding that it’s often not an easy to task to undertake. There are a few factors that are standing in your way: the job market in general, the fact that retail and clinical practice are vastly different, and most pharmacy directors will simply toss…

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2 ways to design a recruiter-friendly pharmacist resume

How do you personally consume information and content in 2016? When shopping online, do you read EVERYTHING on a website? Do you read every article that shows up on your Twitter feed? Of course not. Ya see, our reading has really evolved into scanning. We scroll through our social media feeds and scan for words or…

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3 Ways To Design A Pharmacist Resume That Gets Noticed

Generally speaking, once a recruiter or hiring manager takes a look at your resume, you have about 8 seconds to make an impression-to convince them to keep reading and not simply toss your resume into the junk pile. Indulge me for a second and brainstorm some things you can do  in 8 seconds. Put on your socks.…

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