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7 Common Pharmacist Resume Pitfalls

Is your job search dragging on for too long? Not getting enough pharmacist job interview requests? Were you recently overlooked for a position you were qualified for? These are tell-tale signs that your pharmacist resume is holding you back. Here’s a list of the 7 most common pharmacist resume mistakes that I see everyday: Formatting-Too many…

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3 Tips For Pharmacists Transitioning From Retail To Clinical

Many pharmacists interested in making the leap from retail to clinical are finding that it’s often not an easy to task to undertake. There are a few factors that are standing in your way: the job market in general, the fact that retail and clinical practice are vastly different, and most pharmacy directors will simply toss…

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8 body language pitfalls that are sinking your pharmacist job interview

In many ways, the interview stage of a pharmacist job search is like the last mile of marathon. You’ve read my previous articles, and have therefore written an accomplishment-focused pharmacist resume that not only gets you past those pesky electronic filters, but catches the eye of the pharmacy director. Go ahead and take a bow. Curtsy. Because you’ve accomplished what…

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Pharmacists must modify their job search techniques to find success

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sometime during the Pleistocene era… a group of pigeons got lost and eventually found themselves on an island 700 miles east of Madagascar called Mauritius. The island was kind and gentle-lacking any formidable predators or large insects. With food and leisure aplenty, these birds adapted to their charmed new lifestyle.  The (now called) Dodo birds became fat…

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3 main reasons your pharmacist resume doomed your job search

Many of us have experienced the soul-sucking discouragement that comes when you receive a rejection letter for a pharmacist position you thought you were the ideal candidate for. Sure, I get it. Those infamous letters are supposed to be a professional and courteous way of informing you that you are no longer in consideration. The truth is they can come…

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