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How To Get Your Pharmacist Resume To The Hiring Manager’s Desk

As you may have noticed, today’s job market is difficult to break into. Competition is tough, and standing out from the crowd can be difficult. It’s hard to not feel wistful yearning about the days (long since passed) of multiple job offers and mythical things called “signing bonuses.” In our experience, getting your resume to the hiring manager’s desk is half the…

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Are you a victim of the pharmacist resume abyss?

The resume abyss is a dreadful and cruel place. It can swallow up your resume like a black hole engulfs a once brightly-shining star. The resume abyss is something we should all fear (cue screaming from a cheesy 1980s horror flick). The abyss wields such impressive power that it’s able to ruthlessly suck away the confidence,…

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Is Ageism Hurting You In The Pharmacist Job Market?

Ageism. It’s real. Too many wonderful and highly-qualified pharmacists are being passed over for positions because they don’t have a residency and/or a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD.) degree. This is a travesty! These pharmacists have something far more valuable to bring to the table: experience.  Many of these pharmacists will tell you they believe they…

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3 Tips For Pharmacists Transitioning From Retail To Clinical

Many pharmacists interested in making the leap from retail to clinical are finding that it’s often not an easy to task to undertake. There are a few factors that are standing in your way: the job market in general, the fact that retail and clinical practice are vastly different, and most pharmacy directors will simply toss…

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