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Why LinkedIn is a MUST in today's pharmacist job market - RxElite Resumes

Why LinkedIn is a MUST in today’s pharmacist job market

In today’s technology-centered world, you hear a lot about social networking and the need for a LinkedIn profile for your professional career. As a Pharmacist, though, have you considered what you might be missing out on if you DO NOT have a LinkedIn profile? Here are just a few reasons a LinkedIn profile is an absolute must in today’s job market for Pharmacists:rxeliteresumes Logo RR

  1. Keeping Up-to-Date and Informed: LinkedIn is a wealth of career and industry knowledge, with many excellent resources at your fingertips. As a Pharmacist, it is your professional responsibility to keep track of changes and trends in your field, and LinkedIn provides an easy way to do this. The news feed feature with LinkedIn gives you daily topics that you should be aware of in your work. Further, by liking and sharing pertinent information, you develop your expertise in your field for other people in your network to see.
  2. Applying for Jobs: For example, a quick job search on LinkedIn returned over 1,000 ‘Clinical Pharmacist’ active job postings in the US today. Many Pharmacist jobs are listed exclusively on LinkedIn. Some jobs require you to have a LinkedIn profile in order to apply. This means that, if you are without a profile, these jobs are not available to you. The jobs listed here are paid for, indicating that the employer is serious in finding a skilled and qualified candidate. LinkedIn has an excellent job search tool that can send you notifications of new job postings as they are posted. If you are serious about your job search, you’ll make sure to search these jobs and apply with a top-notch profile in place. The best part is that HR managers actually use LinkedIn when trying to fill a job. Just by having a profile and belonging to the appropriate groups, you could be contacted by someone interested in interviewing you.
  3. A Professional Network: LinkedIn is an excellent way to stay connected with past employers and co-workeSocial media (google free)rs, without having to share the same types of personal information you might have on Facebook. From a Pharmacist standpoint, you can see the professional progression of your peers and stay connected in the event of a hiring opportunity. Plus, you can easily see mutual connections and be introduced to any number of future employers in the process. Nothing speaks more highly for you than a recommendation from someone the employer already knows.
  4. Recommendations: One of the best features to the LinkedIn profile is the recommendation from peers and bosses. This is something you cannot easily demonstrate in a resume. Recommendations from credible, real employers who have LinkedIn profiles and are willing to praise you for all the world to see. This speaks volumes to your worth, credibility and likeability in the workforce, and HR Managers take notice. Plus, this is feature that is often under-utilized, so it is a good way to set yourself apart from your competition.
  5. Recruitment and Credibility: In today’s Pharmacist job market, the first place a hiring manager is going to look is LinkedIn. You increase your credibility and professionalism with your profile and participation. Employers constantly recruit from LinkedIn profiles, even if the person already has a job (in fact, employees are the most interesting if they already have a job). Further, if you are a pharmacist who is in a patient-facing role (which more pharmacists are), not having a LinkedIn profile can be a large turn-off to employers who are looking for a person with excellent communication & interpersonal skills.
  6. The Brand of ‘You’: These days, most employers will complete a hiring process by looking their candidate up online. LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity to present your professional brand, your expertise, and further reading onshutterstock_256324921 details that do not fit into your resume. Plus, LinkedIn profiles tend to appear more prominently in a google search than other profiles, such as Facebook. Your LinkedIn profile can be the place employers go to be further ‘wow’ed by your experience, links to your work, and complete the overall professional brand you are trying to convey.

Considering the importance of the internet in today’s workplace, do not overlook the value that a LinkedIn profile can have in convincing your future employers to hire you. Even if you currently have a job, it pays to grow that network and credibility now so that you are well prepared for that dream job in the future. A well-developed profile portrays confidence, professionalism and credibility for all career levels.

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